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Florence is honored to serve as the sole supplier of outdoor delivery equipment to the US Postal Service since 2005

Effective mail service is an integral part of any community and must be given proper consideration during the planning stages – especially since unlike single family residential delivery, centralized mail delivery requires "common space". 

Save your area builders and architects valuable time and resources by keeping them informed of the US Postal Service preferred method of mail delivery. Avoid the often last minute consideration for mail service and update city planning subdivision regulations and other guidelines today!

USPS employee customers should consult:

            eBuy to purchase Florence products under the USPS contract

            USPS Material Distribution Center to obtain 1565, 1570, or 1575 tenant and/or parcel locker locks

            USPS Mail Equipment Shop to obtain Master Key or McGard Screw Driver

Your Florence customer service representative:

Sandy Lackner
Florence Customer Service - USPS Accounts
800-275-1747 x4433
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